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Home for the Sephardi brethren from the East for over 35 years, Od Yosef Hai is proud of its members representing a whole spectrum of our Sephardi heritage. We welcome all – “Join us on your spiritual journey”.

We are committed to providing a diverse program of learning for the all those in the community and beyond. We hope to provide you with inspiration, helping you to engage in Torah learning on a regular basis, bringing the Torah alive to you, so that you can incorporate the beauty of the Torah into your every day life. Whether you are married, single, male or female, please feel free to contact us for more details of how you, your friends or members of your family can become more involved with the Od Yosef Hai warm and welcoming Community.

Community News

      • The Od Yosef Hai Community would like to send a Hearty Mazal Tov to Sarah & Josh Gelb on the recent birth of a baby girl. Mazal Tov to the Grandparents, Reemah & Moses Raymond and Naomi Gelb. Mazal Tov to the Great-Grandparents, Miriam & Barook Abraham and Shirley Karon.


      • The OYH Hai Community would like to send a Hearty Mazal Tov to David Ezra who read his Barmitzvah Sedra at OYH on Shabbat, 25 February, (Parashat Terumah). Mazal Tov to his parents, Daniel & Talia Ezra, and to his grandparents, Layla Ezra and Laszlo & Marie Roman.


      • A Climb to Base Camp at Mount Everest in Nepal by Nissim Nissim & Monty Sassoon has had to be to be delayed and is now due to take place in either April or May 2023. Nissim & Monty will be attempting to raise money for much needed work at Od Yosef Hai. All donations will go straight to the synagogue. No flights or climbing costs will be deducted from any donations received. Please help them to raise as much money as possible. Every donation will be gratefully appreciated regardless of the amount. Click here to donate. https://gofund.me/97d77cad


      • Od Yosef Hai are organising a Shabbaton & Hachnaset Sefer Torah Programme taking place in the historic city of Prague from 17 to 20 March 2023. The document shown below includes the day-by-day programme together with details of hotels, meals & optional tours. We are delighted to advise that Rabbi Yossi David will be participating in the whole programme and will be our “Scholar in Residence” and that Dayan Abraham David will be participating in the Hachnaset Sefer Torah taking place on the Sunday of the programme. Please read the document carefully which includes a lot of useful information relating to the programme. Should you have any questions relating to the programme, please contact either Baruch Nahum on 07973 641907 (E-Mail: moving@kingsremovals.com)or David Albert on 07988 792716 (Email: david@thealberts.co.uk). We will both be happy to assist you in any way possible. https://www.odyosefhai.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Prague-Shabbaton-Hachnaset-Sefer-Torah-Day-by-Day-Itinerary.pdf



  • OYH are really pleased to announce that the shul has started a new project  entitled “the OYH Chesed Team” and this is being led by Darren Ezekiel and Briana Simon. Basically, the shul is looking for volunteers who can help with various Chesed OYH Community projects such as visiting sick and lonely people, helping the elderly with transport and shopping, organising food rotas for new mothers and welcoming new families in the community. If you would like to volunteer to help or if you know anyone in our community who you think may need help, please contact Darren or Briana.
  • The *OYH Children’s Service* takes place every Shabbat every week at 9:45am. It is proving to be very successful. Every week, there are 20-30 children attending the Children’s Service. We encourage you to send your children *ages 4-11*, and we hope this will also provide an opportunity for more women to come back to shul! The service is well structured and run by Ariella Moses, Talya Ivgi and Shira Raymond. For sponsorship opportunities please contact Darren Ezekiel on 07974 870661.

























  • If any congregant would like a special occasion such as a special Birthday, Birth, Engagement, Wedding, Barmitzvah, Batmitzvah etc to be announced on Shabbat during the Musaf Service, please send details of the special occasion to  David Albert, preferably by the Thursday prior to Shabbat, either by text on 07988 792716 or by e-mail to david@thealberts.co.uk 
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