Market Place

A helping hand begins from within...

To encourage the community to support each other in business, whether its promoting a service or lending a hand in finding work, we have set up this Community Market Place. Members who would like to add their details to the Market Place please email your contact details and a description of no more than 40 words to


Beit HaMadras are committed to bringing you the finest and freshest meals in beautiful surroundings and served in a professional way. We prides ourselves on serving some of the most authentic, refined Indian cuisine outside of India. Beit HaMadras specialties are marinated overnight in our chef’s own prepared sauce combined with a blend of fresh herbs and exotic spices.


Fusing high-end Impala innovation with the best in tradition and quality, we are proud to present our luxury Judaica range to the discerning UK customer.
Crafted from Impala fabric, our exclusive designs enjoy the luxury feel of suede, but with the revolutionary durability that only Impala can offer.


We are strive to provide all our customers with courses, indoor and outdoor training, and advice that is dedicated to suit their needs; as well as administering programmes that keep records of their dogs behaviour and ultimate growth to becoming a well-rounded pet. Our first consultation is an eye-opening and insightful session as owner together with canine is informed of the likely benefits that you will gain from having a professional dog trainer instruct and teach your dog.


Make your simcha… REAL!!!
Catering for all needs and budgets, we have a wealth of experience and resources to help you find what you are looking for. Drop us a line, send us a message or come in for a chat. There is sometimes elements of wisdom to be gleamed from people around us: To be bold requires effort; to be exceptional needs talent; but to be remembered is only achieved with the heart…