Connections to a deep past

A Tribute to Mr Levy Kelaty z”l

His foresight and generosity made possible the establishment of our Od Yosef Hai Yeshivah. From its early beginnings he was the right-hand man of Rabbi Dan Hillel z”l when it all began with the purchase of 232 Hendon Way. This was the first time a Yeshivah for learning and prayer was established in London for our brethren from the East. ‘Eiyen Tov Meborach’, his was a generous eye which brought blessing to all the important works of Torah and Kiruv associated with Od Yosef Hai. To date, his dear wife Lilian and children are closely involved with our work and their continuing support is a tribute to his wonderful character. The climax of this tribute is the Inauguration of the Levy Kelaty Synagogue dedicated to his memory.

Do not be wise in words, be wise in deeds.

A Tribute to Nancy Reuben z”l

Known to her friends as Aunty Nancy, she was born in Iraq before emigrating to India. Because of her wisdom and understanding her advice was always sought after from members of the community. She was a woman of strong faith, with Tehillim and prayers always on her lips. She was kind and loving to all who knew her and deeply devoted to her family.

Authentic Baghdadi Torah Cantillations

Due to the rich heritage and background of community members, Od Yosef Hai is pleased to be able to release the authentic Baghdadi Torah cantillation notes as sung by a young frequenter of the Synagogue. Enjoy the accuracy and clarity of voice during the paused pronouncements of each and every word at the appropriate intervals.

Abe David’s Rendition